V12 BiTurbo will end in 2019

Mercedes S-Class Maybach S560 4matic

Due to stronger CO2 limits Mercedes will end the V12 BiTurbo production. The production of the G 65 AMG and SL 65 AMG has been ended earlier in 2017.

Now the production of the S 65 AMG coupé / cabriolet will end in April / May 2019.

The S 65 AMG sedan will end in August 2019.

The S 600 and S 650 Maybach will also end later this year.

In March at the Geneva Auto Show the S 65 AMG Final Edition will have its short debut.

The S560 V8 version will be produce further on.

The all-new S-Class V223 (only available in long wheel base) will start in spring 2020 without a V12 engine.

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