Mercedes EQS SUV with up to 544 hp

Mercedes EQS SUV (X296)

The range of the big electric GLS “EQS SUV” is up to 671 km

Now the delivering is start of the big 5.13m long EQS SUV.

The EQS SUV is based on the EVA2 platform. You can equip the EQS SUV with Digital Light, rear-wheel steering for an short turning circle (11.0m) and the big MBUX Hyperscreen with 3 displays at the front.

There are three engine options:

The first is the EQS 450+ SUV with rear-wheel-drive. It delivers 360 hp and 568 NM of torque. The sprint to 100 kph is done in 6.7s. Topspeed is limited to 210 kph. The electric range is between 540-671 km WLTP (it depends on the size of the wheels)

In addition to that there are two 4matic all-wheel-drive models with an additional engine at the front:

  • EQS 450 4matic: 360 hp, 800 Nm torque, 6.0s from 0-100 kph, electric range: 511 to 610 km
  • EQS 580 4matic: 544 hp, 858 Nm torque, 4.6s from 0-100 kph, electric range: 511 to 609 km


All models are equipped with a 107 kwh battery. The EQS SUV is charging with 400V at CCS DC with up to 200 kW. Charging from 10 to 80 percent is done in 32min. After 15 min you have charged additional 230 km.

The EQS SUV is also with a third row (7-seater) available.

The trunk volume is from 645 to 2.100 liters.

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