E-Class AllTerrain - a mixture between a SUV and a stationwagon

E-Class stationwagon AllTerrain

Now the delivery of the E 220d 4matic stationwagon AllTerrain is started. The model is round about 2 inches higher than the normal stationwagon and has a different styling (front and rear bumper).

It is a crossover between a normal stationwagon and a SUV.

The AllTerrain as differenty mapping for the engine, throttle, transmission and AirBody Control air-suspension (additional 2 inches) in the direct select mode “AllTerrain”

The 220d delivers 194 hp and 400 NM of torque. The maxium speed is 231 kph.

In the mid of May there will also be a second engine option: the 258 hp strong E 350 d 4matic stationwagon AllTerrain.