The Company

Since over 30 years Soder Trading House is established in Rielasingen - Worblingen.

We are a full service provider, with offices in Germany and in other parts of the World.
We cover the complete field of Car Trading, new/used including Export regulations & Transport.
Our main business which we operate worldwide is the tax-free export of exclusive cars such as
as well as spare parts and accessories.

Our EXPORT Service

Everything is tax free, we serve our clients from all over the world, and we offer a full export service to them.

Soder luxury car export and import service

We can deliver our cars by train, ship or airplane
to all destinations of the world.

We arrange

  • shipping of the cars and parts to any place of the world.
  • if you want to visit us:
    the airport transfer,
    hotel accommodation,
    sightseeing in our beautiful area.

Enjoy the days here and be relaxed after being back home.

So, all in all, it is a big advantage to buy an exclusive car at Soder Trading House, right here at the source.



For legal reasons we are obliged to give the note,
that we are a free storekeeper / export firm and no brand storekeeper
but our long-standing job speaks for the confidence which our customers put in our work.

Mercedes-Benz is a registered brand of the Daimler AG!
​Ferrari, Porsche, Audi and BMW are trademarks of their companies.